Children In a Respectful Co-operative Learning Environment

Are you looking for a secular homeschool community? Do you enjoy free and discounted classes, field trips, parties, and more? What about the ability to set your own schedule, only participate in the activities which interest your family, and accountability that people will actually show up to events? Looking for a group which supports all of our community, including our marginalized members, and does not tolerate hate speech? Learn more here, and then join one of our many CIRCLE groups around the country.

*As we navigate the Covid19 Pandemic, CIRCLE is dedicated to providing safe resources and opportunities. We encourage all families to follow safe precautions to slow the spread of the virus. Most of our groups have gone virtual during this time. Please check out our online book clubs and virtual art show. Other online classes are announced in groups for each session. We plan to have in person classes back up and running as soon as we can.

Field Trips

CIRCLE members plan many field trips. Join others as we explore the world and take advantage of group pricing.

Virtual Art Shows

Check out the latest work submitted for CIRCLE’s Virtual Art Shows. Then find out you can participate next time.


CIRCLE hosts classes for toddlers through teens, as well as some for the adults in our families. Many of our classes and trips are family style for all ages.

Online Book Club
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Join us for monthly online teen (ages 13+)and t(w)een (ages 10+) book clubs.

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CIRCLE is dedicated to supporting our diverse community and helping our children learn about others, develop empathy, and support one another.

Find a Group Near You
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Find the nearest CIRCLE group to you.


CIRCLE is a secular group that welcomes all families, regardless of religious affiliations, beliefs, or the lack thereof. We ask that all families keep this in mind in order to maintain a respectful environment for everyone. As a secular group,  we ask that families refrain from religious discussions or topics at CIRCLE events.


Children are not empty vessels to be filled. They are burning embers. Feed them and watch them take off.


CIRCLE is dedicated to supporting marginalized voices in our community. We are decidedly anti-racist. Racism in any form will not be tolerated. We welcome our BIPOC members and want them to know that their lives matter to us. We also want our LGBTQ+ members to feel welcome.  Whenever possible, families try to accommodate any special needs of our members.

About Us

CIRCLE (Children Involved in a Respectful Co-operative Learning Environment) is an all-inclusive, secular homeschool community and does not discriminate against anyone regarding religion, politics, race, gender, sexuality, age, educational methods, or other differentiating factors. The group is open to families seeking a respectful co-operative learning environment and community. All ages are welcome, from infants through adults.


Many questions regarding how CIRCLE works can be found on our FAQs page.

Full Policies

Find full policies and information regarding how CIRCLE works here.

Get In Touch

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Dates to Remember

Planning for our upcoming SUMMER SESSION (June-August) will occur in May

  • MAY 7 – Class Submissions Due
  • May 17 – Enrollment Forms Due
  • May 27 – Any Supply or Admission Fees Due