Welcome to CIRCLE (Children Involved in a Respectful Co-operative Learning Environment). The co-op is an all-inclusive, secular homeschool community and does not discriminate against anyone regarding religion, politics, race, gender, sexuality, age, educational methods, or other differentiating factors. The group is open to families seeking a respectful co-operative learning environment and community. All ages are welcome, from infants through adults.

If you are looking for a respectful learning group which supports learning in a family environment, check us out! You can find more information on how CIRCLE works on the Policies and Procedures page. We will also be continually adding to the pages for Area Activities and Local Deals and the many Resource pages, as our volunteers’ time permits. If you have a suggestion for any additions to these pages, please drop us a line (forms are available on each page).

Looking for more information? Be certain to check out our other pages. You can find FAQs, Policies and Procedures (with answered questions), Resource pages, and more. Use the drop down bar to check out all of the site’s pages.

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