Scholarships for Outschool Classes

If you have been homeschooling for a while, you are probably feeling how very different this year is. Most homeschooling families are used to attending all manner of activities during their week, and most of those activities are shut down due to Covid19. Some have turned to online activities, CIRCLE’s own online classes locally and CIRCLE Connect included.

Outschool has many classes available for students through age 18, but the classes can be expensive. Right now Outschool is offering scholarships you can use toward whatever classes work for you. Scholarships are for $300/family and can be split up however you like: spend it toward a series class, multiple individual classes, for one child, or split between several children.

To apply, go to the financial support page and follow the self-explanatory prompts which walk you through the application. Approval is fast, and you can then start signing up for classes. The scholarship amount will be applied to your account and deducted from fees as you enroll in classes.

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