Detailed information concerning how the CIRCLE co-op works is available under our Policies and Procedures, but here are some answers to some frequently asked questions.

Is CIRCLE just for homeschoolers?

No. CIRCLE is not just for homeschooling families. Any family looking for a respectful, family learning environment is welcome to join a CIRCLE group, regardless of what educational choices they have made (homeschool, public school, private school). We would like to point out that the majority of families involved do choose to homeschool. Because of that, many of the classes may be held during school hours and may not be convenient for non-homeschooling families.

Is CIRCLE religious?

No. CIRCLE is a secular group that welcomes all families, regardless of religious affiliations or beliefs. We ask that all families keep this in mind in order to maintain a respectful environment for everyone. As a secular group,  we ask that families refrain from religions discussions or topics at CIRCLE events and understand that CIRCLE classes are from a secular perspective.

Is CIRCLE political?

CIRCLE does not discriminate based on political affiliation. As we have members who widely varying political beliefs, we ask that members remain neutral at group events. Please save political discussions for a different time.

Do I have to offer something in order to participate?

Yes. Every family must offer at least one class during a session in order to participate. A class could be a field trip, a series of classes, or a one time class. Meet up style play dates or field trips do not count. Guided tours, group discount tickets, large parties with organized activities and field trips connected to classes do count, as well as organized classes pertaining to a particular subject.

Is there a fee?

There is no fee to participate in CIRCLE. There may be individual fees for admission to field trips or for class fees, but you can choose which activities you sign up for. Families are not allowed to make a profit from classes (you may charge for supplies or admission only).

When are co-op classes?

CIRCLE utilizes a Google calendar to schedule classes and field trips. Rather than a one day a week type of co-op, CIRCLE families may schedule their offerings on any day and at any time they want.

When are the sessions for CIRCLE?

CIRCLE sessions follow the seasons. Fall Session is September, October, and November. Winter Session is December, January, and February. Spring Session is March, April, and May. Summer Session is June, July, and August. The planning month for each session is the month prior to when the session starts. We plan for fall during August, for winter during November, for spring during February, and for summer during May.

Can I drop my child off at classes?

CIRCLE is a family style, community learning environment. Unless a class specifically states that children may be dropped off, parents are expected to stay with their children. We encourage multi-generational learning and community! Each family is responsible for their own family and the group as a whole, or individuals in charge of classes, are not responsible for your children.

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