History and Previous Classes

The first CIRCLE group (KC-CIRCLE) began in 2008 as a subset of the KCAP (Kansas City Attachment Parenting) group. KC-CIRCLE has continued to have co-op classes each session since then, with a variety of ages. In an effort to allow continued growth for the co-op, as well as to better meet both the needs of the co-op and the needs of the Kansas City area community at large, KC-CIRCLE decided during the summer of 2012 to become its own group, opening the group to non-KCAP members.

With the move of one of the coordinators out of state, and a desire to help other areas set up their own co-ops, CIRCLE is now moving into other realms. While KC-CIRCLE has joined with the Kansas City LEARN group, new CIRCLE groups are being formed in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina, and Florida, as well as other areas to meet the needs of those communities.

CIRCLE provides a respectful environment of learning while managing to keep costs of activities affordable for families. If you are interested in learning more, joining a group, or would like help starting up your own group, please use the Contact page.

Previous Classes

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