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Kids Discover

Magazine aimed at elementary and early middle school ages covering a main topic per issue.



LEGO Club Magazine

Free magazine subscription centered around LEGOs for kids. There is also a LEGO Club JR version for preshool age.

xplorXplor Magazine

Xplor is a children’s magazine dedicated to conservation and published by the Department of Missouri Conservation. Free for MO residents. $5/year for other US residents.

cricket-mediaCricket Media

Cricket Media has magazines for all ages of children. Babybug (6 months – 3 years), Click or Ladybug (3-6 years), Spider or Ask (6-9 years), Cricket, Cobblestone, Dig, Faces, or Muse (ages 9-14 years), and Cicada for ages 15+. With magazines covering literature, cultures, history, and science, you are certain to find one for your children. Do a search for deals, as you can often find these subscriptions for a discounted price.


Zoobooks has been making quality magazines about animals for decades. They have also added versions for younger kids with their Zoobies and Zootles magazines, as well as their newest addition, Zoodinos.

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