Virtual Art Shows

Thank you for viewing our latest virtual art show. We hope you will consider joining us for our Summer 2021 Show. Submissions are open through July 31.

CIRCLE’s Spring 2021 Virtual Art Show!

Audrey, Adult, Mixed Media
Ellery, age 10, Acrylics
Isabella B., age 10, Mixed Media
“Zita the Space Cat” be Adelaide, age 11, Colored Pencil
“In Progress” by Mandy, Adult, Pysanky Batik on Goose Egg
Eilis, age 16, Mixed Media Artist Trading Cards
“Treasure Map” by Priya, age 7, Marker
Emers, age 7, Pysanky Batik on Chicken Egg

CIRCLE’s Winter 2020-2021 Virtual Art Show!

Amy, adult, Crochet Yarn
Geneva, Age 5, Mixed Media
Amber D., adult, Colored Pencil
Aowen, age 3, Mixed Media
Lucy age 4, Hand Stitched Felt
Emily, adult, Mixed Media
Chele Ramos, Adult, Watercolor
“My apple, a still life” by Lucy B., age 6, Colored Pencil
Grace, 15, Watercolor
Ellery, age 10, Watercolor
Noah, age 6, Finger Paint
Emers, age 7, Ink
Zachariah, age 1, Finger Paint
Everett Henry, Age 11, Photography
Liz, adult, Mixed Media
Felix D., age 7, Mixed Media Snowflakes
Eílis, age 16, Photography
Lilah D., age 3, Mixed Media ATCs
Mandy, adult, Knitted Yarn
Oliver Taylor, age 10, Colored Pencil

CIRCLE’s Fall 2020 Virtual Art Show!

Geneva, age 4 Mixed Media (acrylic, card stock, wood)
Mandy, adult Photography
Aowen, age 3 Mixed Media (tempera, card stock, salt)
Ellery, Age 10 Rubber Band Bracelets
Emily, adult Mixed Media (tempera, card stock, salt)
Amy, adult Crochet Yarn Dolls
Emers, age 6 Perler Beads
Noah, age 6 Watercolor
Willow Short, age 7 Beeswax Scupltures
Thadra Petkus, adult Mixed Media (block crayon, colored pencil, beeswax)

CIRCLE’s Summer 2020 Virtual Art Show!

Kai, age 11 Colored Pencils
Ellery, age 10 Mixed Media
Emers, age 6 Gel Crayons
Eamon, age 13 Photography
Mandy, adult Acrylics
Eilis, age 15 Photography

CIRCLE’s Spring 2020 Virtual Art Show

Liam, age 7
Kai Silva, Age 11
Tyson, age 10
Felix, age 6
Finian O’Neill, age 8
Jack O’Neill, age 4
SierraRose, age 6
Heather Ivins, adult
John Ciambriello, adult
Lee, age 11
Aurora Goldstein, adult
Mandy O’Brien, adult

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