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Join us for our Summer 2021 Virtual Art Show. We are taking submissions through July 31!  Then join us again for our Fall 2021 Virtual Art Show.

A NOTE REGARDING SUMMER 2021 CLASS SUBMISSIONS: As we continue to navigate  COVID 19, our CIRCLE groups are taking all precautions possible to keep our members safe. Based on local conditions, some groups will be taking the winter off, some will only have online classes, and others will have limited in person classes in addition to online classes. We plan to have some CIRCLE Connect (all CIRCLE groups invited) online classes, as well.

CIRCLE’s Virtual Art Shows will continue through winter session. We will continue to evaluate information as it becomes available and adjust accordingly. We all want to get back to activities and are working on the best approach as more information becomes available and we all deal with Covid19.

If you have any question regarding activities with your local CIRCLE group, please contact your local admin.  Need help understanding how the group works? Check out our Policies and Procedures page, which has all of the answers. The new easy to use format will help you find your questions and answers. If you need help, please contact your local admin. They can help you get started.


Full Policies and Procedures can be found here. As a quick reminder as to what constitutes an acceptable event:


Any in person classes are subject to local and state mandates regarding precautions for that area. In addition, we ask families who may be exhibiting symptoms or have knowingly been exposed to Covid19 to stay home.

In person classes will continue to follow the normal format, with the further addition of precautions to avoid passing on illness. Most groups will not be accepting any classes with fees at this time, in case classes may have to be cancelled due illness or future stay at home orders. Class coordinators may include of list of supplies which students will need to bring with them for personal use in class. **Anyone choosing to attend an in person class acknowledges the possible risk and assumes full responsibility.

Acceptable events must include a benefit and/or purpose. Such events may include:

  • Classes which explore a particular topic through discussion, presentation, and/or activities, presented by the class coordinator or someone else
  • ONLY AVAILABLE IN SOME GROUPS AT THIS TIME: Field trips to venues with discounted group admissions and/or extra benefits such as guided tours or behind the scenes information
  • ONLY AVAILABLE IN SOME GROUPS AT THIS TIME: Discounted group tickets to performances or recreational venues
  • Celebrations around a particular topic
  • Civic opportunities which combine an educational component with some form of volunteer project are welcomed. Volunteer opportunities must be community issues and not political/controversial in nature in either activity or the benefiting organization and must adhere to CIRCLE policies. Examples of acceptable volunteer opportunities may include but are not limited to volunteering at a senior center, soup kitchen, homeless shelter, nature center, or animal shelter.

Simple playdates, meet up events, or hang-outs do not count toward participation in the co-op but are welcome to be set up outside of co-op participation.

Other in person events may be posted on the respective CIRCLE group FB pages, provided that they follow CIRCLE policies.

ONLINE CLASSES may be offered through CIRCLE Connect. Due to the nature of online classes, we recognize that a shorter time frame may be needed. You may offer full length online classes (at least 40-60 minutes in length) or online mini-classes. Mini-classes are shorter classes (20-30 minutes) and may best be suited for demonstrations, specific presentations, etc.

We ask class coordinators offering online classes to use secure platforms with direct links for any classes to aid in security. Anyone attending an online class also recognizes possible risks. Parents should be aware of their child online and help out as needed.

CIRCLE Connect classes are for everyone in all of the CIRCLE groups. If you would like to offer your class to all CIRCLE groups, please fill out the CIRCLE Connect Fall 2021 Class Submission Form.

We will also be hosting a SUMMER 2021 Virtual Art Show Get your creative juices flowing and submit your creation by April 30! The Deadline for the Summer 2021 Virtual Art Show will be July 31. The Deadline for the Fall 2021 Virtual Art Show will be October 31.

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Central Florida CIRCLE Class Submissions (Orlando area) – not holding classes at this time due to state conditions. Individuals may offer their own classes, as safety permits, via the FB page, provided that the classes meet CIRCLE policies. Members are also welcome to join CIRCLE Connect Classes.


KC-CIRCLE Class Submissions


Greater Portland CIRCLE Class Submissions – Greater Portland CIRCLE will have a shortened first session this fall. Class submissions will be due by September 10.


Southern New Hampshire CIRCLE – waiting for in person classes to begin. Please join us for CIRCLE Connect classes at this time.


Wilmington CIRCLE Class Submissions – Wilmington will begin adding back in-person classes for fall session, as well as participating in CIRCLE Connect classes.


Kettle Moraine/Milwaukee CIRCLE Class Submissions – some in person classes and  local and CIRCLE Connect online classes this summer.

Fox Cities CIRCLE Class Submissions – Fox Cities will be hosting in-person classes this fall. They will also be participating in CIRCLE Connect classes. 

Madison CIRCLE Class Submissions – online classes only at this time. Individuals may offer their own in person classes, as safety permits, via the FB page, provided that the classes meet CIRCLE policies. Madison will also be participating in CIRCLE Connect.

Eau Claire/Chippewa Falls CIRCLE  – Will be hosting in-person classes. 

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