Class Submission

Class submissions for the upcoming Fall 2018 Session are due by August 7, 2018. If you need help, please contact your local admin. They can help you get started.


Full Policies and Procedures can be found here. As a quick reminder as to what constitutes an acceptable event:

Acceptable events must include a benefit and/or purpose. Such events may include:

  • Classes which explore a particular topic through discussion, presentation, and/or activities, presented by the class coordinator or someone else
  • Field trips to venues with discounted group admissions and/or extra benefits such as guided tours or behind the scenes information
  • Discounted group tickets to performances or recreational venues
  • Celebrations around a particular topic
  • Civic opportunities which combine an educational component with some form of volunteer project are welcomed. Volunteer opportunities must be community issues and not political/controversial in nature in either activity or the benefiting organization and must adhere to CIRCLE policies. Examples of acceptable volunteer opportunities may include but are not limited to volunteering at a senior center, soup kitchen, homeless shelter, nature center, or animal shelter.

Simple playdates, meet up events, or hang-outs do not count toward participation in the co-op but are welcome to be set up outside of co-op participation.



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